Extremely extensive technical knowledge, experience and knowledge of cars and the vehicles in general, connected with indisputable photographic knowledge, skill, and the experience allows to Robert extremely aesthetically appeals presentation of cars, which some of his fellow photographers called “absolutely unique”. The consequence of that is, whether it’s about a picture or video clip, everything he “found” in the photographic frame looks very attractive, visually memorable, simply put – it looks so that the viewer “wants” to have that what he look.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience, and the ideas, as well the equipment he owns, is able to do even the most demanding tasks related to automobile and motorcycle industry and the promotion of the same. Mentioned technical knowledge and the driving experience, as well as knowledge of the auto industry, have often resulted that with his photos and videos on the related topic, were published his articles about the testing experiences of new models of cars and the motorcycles, including a powerful sport “toys” on two or four wheels.

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